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Kevin McPeekKevin McPeek is one of the fastest rising stars in the comedy world. CLEAN, CLEVER and FUNNY.

Is it possible to be all three??? Kevin makes it happen every night on stage. Is he Clean? No bad language in this show!

Kevin started his career in Michigan making regular folks laugh. He moved to L.A. and he never looked back. Hi appearances on HBO and Comedy Central have made Kevin one of the most requested comics on the comedy scene today.

His mix of hilarious stories and cartoon like facial expressions is a sure fire good time for audiences of all ages. And since there is no foul language in Kevin’s show, you can bring all the guys or gramma. Everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.

So make sure you don’t miss a chance to catch Kevin live on stage where he belongs. You will be caught up in his world and you’ll walk away a fan.