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Los Compadres - Mariachi Musicians

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Mariachi Musicians, Los Compadres entertain throughout Michigan at various cultural events, fundraisers and many special occasions.


Los Comadres   Anniversary Party

We all had a wonderful time. The Mariachi singers were wonderful for my parents 70th Wedding Anniversary.  All 20 guests LOVED IT

Thank You,


Hello Dean,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting this to work and with such short notice! It worked out quite nicely that it was in the afternoon even the middle schoolers got to seem them and they loved it! Thank you again it was a truly special way for me and the other seniors to leave our school behind festively!
Grace (Western HS Senior)

Los Compadres did a great job, very authentic dress and music. David arrived promptly music was great and all who attended enjoyed.

Mariachi Musicians For Cinco De Mayo Day for Kids- Much better than expected! Los Compadres were fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better performance or performers.