“Let me tell you about FAF….it all started at a Capuchin Fund Raiser @ Comerica Park a few years back. Fifty Amp Fuse is a Multimedia Tribute to some of the greatest music in our lifetimes. The Band covers an extremely wide range of music, all synchronized to Video and Intelligent Lighting. FAF takes you on a Roller coaster ride through the eclectic yet enigmatic explosion of the 60’s from pop to rock accompanied by synchronized artistic video and a killer light show. FAF then leads you into the timeless funk and soul of the 70’s, for a dance set that will have your heels smoking straight into the Big hair rock of the 70’s and 80’s as well as the punk / new wave era of the 80’s. FAF even touches on the grunge period of the 90’s a short “Big Band” set for the platinum crowd as well as a handful of current songs for the “in crowd.”

FiftyAmpFuse is a tribute to the greatest Rock, Funk and Pop music of the last 50 years. With a stellar lineup of musicians recreating every note with stunning detail, the group takes you on an amazing journey through the soundtrack of your life. FiftyAmpFuse has performed on some of the largest stages in America from the North American International Auto Show to the deck of the U.S.S. Midway in San Diego and some of the largest concert crowds, from the Hard Rock at Universal Studios Orlando to outdoor fairs and festivals across the country.