Garrett – Bagpiper

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Garrett DeWyse - Bagpiper

Garrett DeWyse - Bagpiper

Garrett – Bagpiper

To The Wedding Party,

When requested to play the Highland Bagpipes at a Wedding, there are many options; playing the bride in, playing the couple out of the church, playing before the service, during the service (at the lighting of the unity candle for example) and even as the guests are leaving the church or at the reception. Whatever the couple/family wishes.

The traditional and most common tunes requested when a couple is walking out of the church are Mairi’s Wedding, Ode to Joy, or Irish Eyes Are Smiling. Listed below are a few marches, jigs and appropriate songs that you may want to consider.

Mairi’s Wedding
Ode to Joy
Pipe Major Bob Browns Farewell to the Ballochuie
Bonnie Dundee
Scotland the Brave
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Craigs of Tumble Down the Mountain
Corhilie’s Welcome to the Northern Meeting
My Land
March of the Champions Supreme
Green Hills of Tyrol

JIGS: These are more lively tunes!
Paddy’s Leather Breaches
McGuires Jig
Jolly Beggeman

Amazing Grace (this is not as appropriate for a wedding)

I hope that this has been helpful when planning for your important day.

Thank you,


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Garrett was EXCELLENT. He sure looks the part!!
Appledore Schooner

Garrett DeWyse - Bagpiper


He was fantastic!!! Thank you for sending him!! (Memorial Event)
Kris Sawdon