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Who is 5’3″, runs an 8 minute mile, has performed for the US troops on the Comics on Duty Tour in places like Bahrain, Djbouti & Greece and also announces baseball for the Detroit Tigers? It’s the Famous Kevin Kramis!! Noted for his universal appeal, with stage presence and off-beat improvisations that captivate and involve audiences. Kevin works successfully before all kinds of folks from mature, discerning audiences at outdoor venues like DTE to the inmates at the super-maximum security prison in Mansfield, Ohio.

Kramis has opened for Tim Allen, Louie Anderson, Kato Calin Jeff Foxworthy, Judy Tenuta, Gabe Kaplan, Richard Jeni, Billy Gardell, Pointer Sisters, Michael Feinstein, Three Dog Night, Brian Setzer Orchestra, JJ Walker, Tim Lilly, John Hefron, Steven Wright, Jeff Hobson, and Ben Creed.