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Let the Norm show begin… You may be one of many volunteers chosen to take part in this hilarious show! One by one, Norm the Master of Rapid Induction Hypnotherapy will put you into a hypnotic sleep. Now the fun begins – with just a few words from Norm you will be crawling on the floor trying to find a leprechaun who has your pot of gold or looking for your favorite singer in the audience, odd smells that only exist in their imaginations. Our show will give you laughter and entertainment at its best!!!

Norm loves to organize hypnosis shows with his own little twist of Comedy and fun for all ages. Norm has catered to corporations, birthdays, anniversaries, School functions and more!


What will you experience at one of Norm’s shows?

  • Audience volunteer’s become the star of the show
  • Fast pace performance that is fun for both volunteer’s and audience members
  • Clean comedy entertainment
  • Never the same show twice

Please note: If you are interested in scheduling a show with Norm please notify us 30 to 60 days in advance. Thank you!

Christmas Party with About 200 Guests at the Soaring Eagle.  Norm kept everyone mesmerized! Norm used instant induction to Put to several guests to sleep-The crowd was fascinated and enjoyed watching their fellow workers do silly things:

  • They were told it was 110 Degrees & they were all too Hot:  So they fanned themselves, took off jackets, pulled back their hair.
  • Told their favorite Movie Stars was in the Crowd, so they went out and got their autographs.
  • Told them they we so thirsty – So they kept drinking water from empty glasses.
  • Norm told them it was Giggle Water- They all Giggled nonstop.
  • Told them a leprechaun came into the room and if they could catch him they would be able to keep his “pot of Gold”.  Everyone caught one & thought they had 2 Million Dollars.  They all told what they would be buying now! One gal was told she squeezed the leprechaun too hard and squished him, spilling green blood all over herself.  She had a ticked off look!
  • Told the person setting next to them had a terrible smell. They all held their noses!  Told them it was an amazing smell and they all smiled.

Hypnotized by norm – Rock by Dean