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Readings by Laura

Readings by Laura

As a teenager, Laura first noticed her abilities to “know” things about people and upcoming events.  Always seeking for answers to her life purpose, she studied various religions and sought to connect with her higher power herself.  It was in her late 30’s that Laura was first introduced to her spirit guides and angels though meditation and study.  Clairvoyant and clairaudient, she has studied and worked to become a clear and concise spiritual intuitive to assist those in reaching their goals.  Laura believes that we attract our circumstances and we can also attract new ones!  She is also a great believer in the power of prayer, the power of our thoughts and our emotions.  A reading with Laura will provide you with practical insight on life issues such as love, career, finances, family and soul purpose.  Laura is also a pet psychic and a psychic medium and can often connect with those who have passed to bring helpful information from beyond.

Psychic Medium Services

Many of you have seen the show “Medium” about the adventures of a regular housewife and mother who works for a D.A. office helping solve crimes by spirits contacting her from the other side. Though some of the show is based on a true medium who resides in the western United States, many of the stories are written to keep the story line exciting. So what really is a medium and how does it work? A medium is someone who has the ability to contact and communicate with spirits of the deceased. A channeled message can be from a high level guide, angel or spirit. A medium communicates with those beings that lived on the earth plan and lived a physical experience here. Mediums receive the information in a variety of ways, it can come audibly like a voice or clear thought, it can come by clairvoyance like a picture or image, but the result is the same, a feeling of connection for those on the physical plan to those on the other side.

As a medium, I have found that sometimes this connection can be extremely clear and sometimes similar to a cell phone, the connection can be fragmented and distant. Most of the time, when a message comes though it is when I am conducting a reading and a deceased loved one wishes to communicate with a person who is still here in the physical world. Many times the information is concise so that the person I am reading is given information that I would by normal means have no way of knowing anything about. So what is my responsibility as a medium to those that I read? My responsibility is to stay “in tune” to my angels and spirit guides and keep the channel clear for those beings who wish to connect to people on this earth. I also believe that I have a moral responsibility to those I read to give information as I receive it. Sometimes information given may seem trite or not necessarily what the receiver thought they would hear once they connected. Often, I will get information on the relationship when that being was twenty – fifty years younger, sometimes it is information regarding the last twenty-four hours of that person’s life. Sometimes, I receive information from pets that are deceased. They usually come in images and pictures to communicate love to their masters. I have never received a message that was harsh or negative from a deceased loved one. Sometimes there are apologies, sometimes words of encouragement, and sometimes direct information like “sell my car!. “ When I access information from the other side it feels different then my psychic ability, the feeling is different. Medium’s can be just as confused as the main character Allison on the television show, in that we don’t know positively if we are getting the message exactly or is it getting muddled in the connection. Mostly, the work of a medium is rewarding and those that receive the message leave hopeful and happy that they connected with their loved one from the other side. For those seeking a reading from a medium, stay positive and stay open. I suggest tape recording or writing down the message for review. Often we are so surprised by information given that we forget most of it. A recording will help you to review the message at a later time.

Pet Psychic

Readings by LauraHave you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? When they look at you with questioning eyes does it make you wish they could voice their concerns, their problems, and let you know exactly what it is that bothers them? Now you can reach into your pet’s soul, and discover everything they have ever wanted to tell you.

Your  pet has a soul purpose just like you. Connect with them on a telepathic level. Readings cover general and specific information on your special friend. While your pet has no need for advice on money or career, Laura can give them the voice they have always wanted in communicating with you. She is a qualified animal communicator and pet psychic, and is willing to offer clarity and accuracy in telling your what your pet’s wants and needs are. This is an opportunity to get the answers you need regarding your special friend!

Readings by Laura

Readings by Laura


Cameron Comical Magic and Readings by Laura were AMAZING!  Rob with the Photo Booth was extremely helpful and tolerant with us!  We received several compliments from all our attendees and they were all still talking about them in the morning at breakfast.  Our convention was extra awesome this year because of you.  We have used your company several times and have never been disappointed and this year is no different.
Thank you, Sara, Dairy Queen at the The H Hotel