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The WhatAbouts? are about singing 60’s songs and good times.

Featuring Suzy, Kelly and Deb

Great for parties and car shows!

Our adventure started almost seven years ago when a friend of ours thought we should perform at the Relay for Life in Plymouth. The three of us, Kelly, Deb and Suzy were new members of the Livonia Civic Chorus when we formed our group. We thought 60’s dance music would be fun to impersonate. We began thinking of names for our group. Everyone had great ideas but we just couldn’t decide on one. “What about this?” and “What about that?” kept coming into our discussion. Kelly said, “How about the WhatAbouts?”

The name stuck and we have been having fun singing at many car shows like the Dream Cruise, Legends shows, which features many different impersonators and fundraisers. We enjoy all kinds of music and dancing, but hanging out with each other is the most fun.

Performing all the Big Girl Group Songs of the 60s!

*Mary Wells
*The Angels
*The Crystals
*The Ronettes
*Nancy Sinatra
*Barbara Lewis
*The Marvelettes
*Dusty Springfield

Singing songs from all your favorites!

My Guy
Tell Him
He’s a Rebel
One Fine Day
My Boyfriends Back
Going to the Chapel
Don’t Mess With Bill



Kelly enjoys all types of music that moves her in one way or another. She sings and entertains the seniors in several of the local nursing homes. In 2013 she released a Christian CD . “With All My Heart” by Kelica. This CD was a tribute to her mother. All of these heart felt songs have touched her heart over the years. Her hope is to be able to touch others with song. Making her very own Cd was a dream of hers. She feels very blessed to have that opportunity to do so. You can hear samples and purchase this cd at her website:

Her music can also be purchased on I Tunes, cdbaby, and Amazon as well. The Christian music has always had a special place in her heart. She would love to be able to sing with other Christian artist who share in the love of his praises. Currently working with a songwriter/producer right now in the studio on her next project. This project is a R&B CD. She is excited to see where this could go! She enjoys working in the studio, and would love to be involved in recording jiggles someday.

In addition to promoting, managing and choreographing for The WhatAbouts group. Kelly is eagerly working on getting a band together to back The WhatAbouts for the bigger venues that require a live band. Kelly has so much fun with Deb and Suzy and looks forward to bigger and better things to come. She is fortunate enough to have the best sound guy Brian, who is also her husband. The best supporter a girl could have. When she is not singing or dancing. She enjoys reading angel books, fishing, jet skiing and going to her cabin to chill with family. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people!



Suzy lives in Livonia with her husband Pat and 2 sons, Jack and Max. They also have 2 dogs, a little mutt and a big black lab. She keeps very busy running her boys around to their soccer and hockey games. She enjoys singing with her husband while he plays guitar. Suzy is a second grade teacher and loves her job…and the summers off! It gives her a chance to practice even more with Kelly and Debbie for The What Abouts. She has so much fun performing with them!


Deb started her music career in the 70’s playing at numerous Detroit clubs with Christian and Buckley. Deb was a member of the New Majority, a young adult youth group who performed the productions of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Godspell” and “Truth of Truths.” Deb and her husband, Chuck, have created music memories in countless marriage ceremonies throughout the last 30 years. Deb was the front person for “Collage” a wedding band she collaborated with her cousin Tom. Starting a family in the 80’s and her husband’s college education in the late 90’s put Deb’s music career on hold. Deb got back to the music calling her when she joined the Livonia Civic Chorus. She was chosen for several solo parts and was in charge of costuming and coordinating the spring show, “Put a Little Love in your Heart.” Deb is finishing her Bachelors degree in Family Life Education at Spring Arbor University along with working in her laboratory, practicing her Parent Talk skills with cohorts and clients. Deb enjoys life watching her family moving forward as well as singing and dancing with The WhatAbouts.


I think your group is FABULOUS!!! A lot of my co-workers are still talking about it ….. thanks to you and your girls… the retirement party was the best ever!!!!

I really enjoyed the WhatAbout show. They were very professional and you could tell they were having fun singing and dancing to the oldies. If you haven’t seen them in the past, come and experience a fun evening with three entertaining women!
Pat Pociask

I watched the WhatAbouts perform at the Woodward Dream Cruise in August 2008 and again a few months later and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy listening to them and seeing them perform. It is a lot of fun and brings back many memories of songs being played when I was a little younger than I am now.
John Loose

We had the pleasure of The WhatAbouts entertain at our annual Cody High 50 & 60 picnic. They were great Kelly,Deb, Suzy adjusted their program to sing our fight song ACapella and a version of Star Spangled Banner. We hope to book them again this year!   The Whatabouts are so much fun! After enjoying their great 60’s singing and light-hearted entertainment, we knew we had to have them at our wedding celebration. They absolutely made the day! Everyone loved them and so will you! They will have you moving and grooving and tapping your feet.
Robin & Michael Gerhard

Be prepared for a trip in the time machine, a sweet trip to the days of rhythm and soul. The WhatAbouts are a hit in my book. This is entertainment for the whole family. You don’t want to miss it!
Tim Wheeler

I thought that the WhatAbouts were very entertaining; they looked like they were having fun. They were very friendly young ladies and cute. I felt like I was back in school again. The talking in-between songs was comical and it was family oriented.

Harmonious trio that delivers fun music reminiscent of a blast from the past.