Whitecrow and Lady Beth

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Whitecrow and Lady Beth

Rev. Barry (Whitecrow)

Barry’s Native American heritage has lead him all of his life. His intuition and compassion have given him the ability to help others. Barry speaks on Native American spirituality, customs, shape shifting and history. He leads ceremonies such as healing lodges, vision quests, rites of passage and more. He follows the teachings of Frank Fools Crow. He also talks on the Fairy Realm, myth, mystery, and beliefs.

Barry is also a talented Native American story teller, and performed at many Universities, schools and cultural events.

Barry with his intuition gives reading on the sacred Medicine Wheel. He uses animal totem stones, and the four directions to reveal his predictions. He was mentored by Manny Two Feathers. He also does readings with Native American cards. He is also a gifted Medium.

Barry is a certified Reiki Practitioner and Hypno-therapist.

Whitecrow and Lady Beth

Rev. Beth (Lady Beth)

Beth’s parents noticed her abilities when Beth was very young. Beth has a spirit guide (everyone called him her make believe friend) since of age three. A man with a golden aura named Packy. He has guided and helped Beth on her life journey and with her intuitive gift. Beth became a massage therapist in 1991. Her intuition, along with, wanting to help others, massage was a perfect choice for a career. During this time a mentor enter her life, Carol Borowski, a well experienced and talented Psychic Medium and sought-after angel card reader. Carol saw Beth’s abilities, took her under her “wing”.

Beth has chosen Tassography (tea leaf) /coffee ground readings as her venue. She is a medium and a empathic. She also reads Fairy Cards, interprets dreams and reads palms.

Beth also is a spiritual writer, who writes from her soul about life and its challenges and joys. She has written for Healing Garden Journal and Dream Weaver publications.

Beth and Barry have traveled Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, Florida (Key West), Arizona(Sedona), Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Utah, Las Vegas. Even out of country, Bahamas and Toronto, giving readings and performing ceremony.

Beth and Barry now live in Evart Michigan on the beautiful Muskegon River. They have opened their property as a healing/ teaching space to like minded souls.  They offer healing massage, spa treatments, workshops, classes, healing lodges, readings, rustic weddings, and more at Sacred Grounds.

Beth and Barry are also members of M.A.P.I.T (paranormal research team) where their abilities, and house cleansing/blessings are utilized.